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We have a waste-efficient production facility: we recycle, reduce and reuse

We consume energy from 100% sustainable companies for the benefit of environmental quality.

We work to ensure that our products are recyclable and the processes used are sustainable.

Our commitment to the environment

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Our commitment to respecting the planet starts with product packaging. In ranges such as Prontaur and Aperitifs, we use ECOPACK PACKAGES derived from renewable sources, which use 80% less plastic and are recyclable. We have also reduced the use of plastic in the Food Service line by 20%. On the other hand, since 2021 we have a photovoltaic plant with 1,080 solar panels that allow us to self-generate 20% of our consumption. We are also working to minimise and recycle the waste generated by the production plant and we are in the middle of an investment process to change the fluorinated gas installations for more modern ones that reduce gas consumption by 90%.

Pont's duty to the environment goes beyond the environment. As a company, we feel part of the society in which we live and we want to do our bit in everything that can benefit it, whether from an animal or human point of view. Thus, we care about animal welfare, taking care of the product from its origin and ensuring the good practices of our suppliers throughout the food chain through the animal welfare certificate.

Our sense of responsibility towards people leads us to work with local suppliers in order to promote our environment as much as possible, with whom we also have a social commitment. We support social, cultural and sporting activities and collaborate with training centres.

Following our philosophy, Pont col. works with foundations, NGOs and social entities to help what is most important; people. We do not forget what that means since it is one of the most important values ​​of our company.