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Explosion of happiness on every plate.

Eating makes us happy. Several studies show that a good diet helps us to have a good mood, reduces stress and improves brain performance. We invite you to try it: try one of our cured meats or hams and close your eyes. We are convinced that a smile will come to your face and memories of good times will come to your mind. Now imagine if you combine our products with the recipes we propose; it will be an explosion of happiness in every dish.

Become a true gourmet

Gourmet is a word of French origin associated with the culinary arts of food that is characterised by elaborate preparations and careful presentation. The quality of the raw material is fundamental to guarantee a good gastronomic experience, at any time of the day and in the different possible formats. We provide the base: Pont cured meats, the limits are set by you, your palate and your imagination.